Brocco the bush cat, one year old.
Photo: Kjell Högström.

Welcome to S*Ylletrollet's homepage!

S*Ylletrollets is a small cattery located in the middle of Sweden, in a village called Bäsna, 17 kilometers west of Borlänge.

We usually have litters about 2-3 times a year, and the goals for our breeding are primarily healthy cats with excellent temperaments and less common lines to reduce the long term inbreeding of the breed, and secondarily good looks and size.

That does not mean that we don't care about what the cats look like, but just that looks always must be secondary to the temperament and wellbeing of the cats. You can read more about our work for the health of the cats in our Health page.

S*Ylletrollets Irma, the dangerous tiger...

The look that we prefer is the traditional sweet look. We are breeding for well balanced cats, where everything is in harmony. We think that both more and less extremely typed cats can be good, as long as all parts are in harmony.

*** News ***

New health results entered in the health page. [2009-06-25]

Our kittens have all been sold now, but the kitten page has been updated with several kittens bred by friends. [2009-06-19]

The kitten page has been updated with a link to a litter bred by a friend. [2008-09-18]

We have booked two new kittens! Pictures and pedigree link uploaded! [2008-09-18]

The kitten page has been updated, finally!! Not that we have much news to give, but still... ;-) [2008-07-21]

Two litters have been added to the Ylletrolls page. [2008-07-21]

CH Ylletrollets Bonanzi
Photo: Leo Straver

The health pagehas been updated with new heart scan results. [2008-07-21]

The page with our Maine Coons has been updated. [2008-07-21]

The kitten page has been updated, and two litters were added to the Ylletrolls page. [2007-11-19]

The kitten page has been updated. [2007-10-08]

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