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Nenne & Eskil
Eskil and Vendela, 2005. More pictures!

S*Ylletrollet's cattery is owned by Ulrika and Peter Olsson. We are living in a house in an old village about 17 kilometers west of Borlänge in the middle of Sweden. Our family consists of us two, our daughter Vendela, born December 14, 1998, and our son Eskil, born September 11, 2002. (Click HERE for more pictures of Vendela and Eskil.) And then of course the CATS! We usually have about 4 breeding females and one stud. And then we have our neuters and spays, about 5 of those.

Ulrika was born 1969 in Malung. Her father came from Malung, while her mother comes from Bäsna. Actually the house that we are now living in earlier belonged to Ulrika's grandmother, and Ulrika spent most of the summer holidays here as a kid. Ulrika has studied various subjects, since she couldn't for her life decide what she wanted to work with! So she has studied mathematics, physics, pedagogics, genetics, and a little Russian, history, and ethology. She is presently working at home, taking care of Vendela. Ulrika's interests, except for the cats, are playing the piano and singing, old things and history.

Ulrika and Peter
Ulrika and Peter. Photo: Leo Straver

Peter was born 1966 in Nynäshamn. His family however comes from Jämtland, about 500 kilometers north of where we live now. He is a licentiate of technology (which can be explained as Master of engineering + 1/2 Doctor), and he is presently working as an IT consultant at Cap Gemini in Borlänge. Except for the cats, Peter is interested in computers and flying with radio controlled model planes.

Our first pedigree cat, a Maine Coon female, was born in January 1990. She got us our first litter 31 March 1991. It contained three males and two females with colours ranging from black smoke over blue silver torbie to red shaded silver!

At that time we were living in Uppsala, where we were both studying. And there we met some of our best cat friends, Kristina Almkvist and Karolina Ross. Karolina was our neighbour, and we were sometimes looking after eachother's cats (mostly she looked after ours) when the other were away from home. Karolina bought her first Maine Coon in the beginning of 1994, and the following year the first litter was born in S*Ruskpricken's cattery.

Where we live! Photo: Leo Straver

In March 1996 we moved from Uppsala to Bäsna. This beautiful village, located at the river Dalälven, is said to have been "founded" by a man called Nick i Bäsna in the 14th century. Unfortunately everyone in the village except Nick himself died in the black death, which should have been around 1350-1351 up here, I believe. Apparently the village was revived somehow, and now there are between 300 and 350 households in Bäsna. And in two of those Maine Coons are being bred! Except for us, it is our neighbours Ann-Louise and Mikael Lind, S*Mooncoon's cattery. And about 9 kilometers west of Bäsna lives yet another Maine Coon breeder, Anette Nohrén, S*Co'Coons cattery. All three of us are working together, and it is really great to have two other Maine Coon breeders living so close! :-)

Our guesthouse

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